Say YES to and PLAY with your inner experience. Improvise your way to self-acceptance, clarity and creativity.

Through improv-inspired, transformational explorations, you’ll embody the “YES, AND” principle. Join our group and playfully practice accepting your inner experience and breaking through to creative choices. 

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Love is being in the same space with." - Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.

The more we practice being in the same space with our feelings, thoughts and sensations, the more we experience loving ourselves.This experiential class adds a playful layer to self-acceptance that is different from mindfulness and meditation. We bring awareness and attention to our inner experience by playing it out loud through whole-body activities. Once we apply the playful YES to our experience, we become a fountain of creative flow, discovering in the moment what comes next. This is a stark contrast to trying to stop our unwanted experience so that we can mentally make up something “much better.” 

Each meeting, we’ll explore activities that generate presence, spark connection and fuel play. We’ll tune in to our inner experiences and practice one or more of these whole-body, “Yes, And” moves.

- Exploring and Heightening
- Whole-body Expressing
- Interviewing A Character
- Playing with Space
- Experimenting with New Choice

As a group, we will support each other with presence and connection as we play and discover. Results can include a sense of ease and peacefulness, discovering what you really want and generating aligned action steps to create what you really want!

Love and play with as much as you can from wherever you are and new possibilities will open up!

Receive support as you:

  • Deeply listen to yourself.
  • Playfully befriend your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
  • Shift your experience from being stuck to creating new choices.
  • Engage your whole-body in creative expression.
  • Tap into your inner child and powerful creator.

These whole-body, “Yes, And” moves are designed to help you:

  • Reveal unconscious patterns, freeing you to make new choices. 
  • Shift from resisting to playing. 
  • Access deeper feelings just below a symptom or behavior.  
  • Complete an experience or expression that got cut off. 
  • Let go of control and have fun!

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Meet your host, Dhira.

Hey there, I'm Dhira! Through my own transformational journey, I discovered how much easier it is to use my whole-self to transform my experience through play, rather than struggling to “figure things out” with just my brain. I love combining improv and body-centered transformation to transmute problems into playful explorations and new possibilities. I'm a certified Hendricks’ Big Leap Coach and facilitator, and I've also been practicing theater improv since 2015, graduating from the Unexpected Productions School of Improv.

I can't wait to show you my go-to moves to shift from resisting to saying "yes, and" to myself!

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